the story behind the big C marathon

I wasn’t going to make this personal but I decided to be honest – it is personal.  On July 25, 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My immediate thought was that I didn’t want to “do” this.  I felt like I had been signed up for a race that I didn’t want to run.  Not only that, it was a race with no set distance (was it a 5k or a 100-miler), I didn’t know how hilly it was, what the elevation was, nor what the weather might be.  The thing about a cancer diagnosis is you don’t know what you’re up against until piece by piece the specifics of your disease are revealed to you.  I soon found myself relying on my marathon experiences to deal with my new situation.  I decided that whatever my path would be, I would have to pace myself and run aid station to aid station.  I had done this many times in the past to break down what seemed like an unusually long, tough race into small, manageable pieces.  Since my diagnosis, I have of course met many other people who have experienced, are experiencing, or love someone who has or is experiencing the big C, and I have found that it unifies people - just like running does.  I have also spent many middle-of-the-night hours searching websites for answers of how to deal with having, and recovering from this.  I kept finding the same thing – exercise helps.  It helps in dealing with the side affects of treatment.  It helps to smooth out the emotional affects of the disease.  And it helps in feeling strong and more in control.


So, this marathon is to remind all of us to set goals, to break scary things down into smaller, more easily-digestible pieces, to keep moving forward, to hold our loved ones in our hearts, and to do something that might be terrifying with dignity – and maybe even a smile.


We welcome ALL paces and would be thrilled if you decided to do this as a tribute to a loved one – knowing that we have your back, and will encourage, cheer, and not leave until you have crossed that finish line…

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